Thursday, November 8, 2012

Newest Watercolor:

Forest Jewels,  25"x27",Watercolor, Marjorie Glick, 2012

This, my most recent watercolor represents the beginning of a series of
paintings that explore the intimate details that enhance ones experience of a place.  I was talking to some of my students the other day and we were looking at the question: What is your painting about? What compels you to paint a particular image? For me, before I decide to paint something, I reflect on why I want to paint it, what am I trying to convey,and what moves me about a particular image. I think this reflection gives the painting focus and clarity.

This painting for me, is about my experience of being in the forest, just being there, and taking in what is close at hand. It is also about conveying the experience of being in a place where time falls away and there is room to daydream, and let your mind drift to nothing at all but colors, textures and pieces of shadow.When I was a child, I spent a lot of time in the woods at my "secret" place which was really just a patch of exceptionally soft  green moss near an old abandoned foundation. I remember looking closely at that moss and noticing its intimate details, lush color, fallen leaves, twigs, and texture.
Even today, when I think about what moss looks like, I refer to my experience of these woods from childhood.These days, the woods I visit most frequently, are in Deer Isle, Maine.

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