Monday, July 2, 2012

A Glorious Day of Painting at the June Color and Light Watercolor Workshop in Stonington:

Color and Light, was a workshop geared towards intermediate/advanced students that I just finished teaching in Stonington Maine. We had a fantastic week painting- I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more talented group of artists for this workshop. We painted a lot, enjoyed one another's company, immersed ourselves in the beautiful (and colorful!) surroundings and the weather was gorgeous!
One of the 5 days, we painted at Mariners Park. It was one of 5 glorious days:

 The field at Mariners Park was filed with lupines, daisies, indian paint brush, and buttercups. There is a spaciousness to the meadow, combined with the undulating hills, water view and beach, butterflies and birds that all combined to make this an incredibly peaceful spot.

There were many views like this one, all throughout. The sky was constantly changing from sun to cloud, blue to white to lavender and colorful painters dotted the hillside! Below is Jane, Paula, and Donna.

Frederica hard at work!

David, Ellen, Dianne, and Edward
found the perfect spot: This ridge by the water covered in lupines and daisies.

This is what they were painting!

Paula in Lupine Heaven!

 Completed (and incomplete) paintings from our fabulous day at Mariner's Park! Workshop artists assembling for an end of day critique.
People pictured left to right: Bridget, Jackie, Ellen, Paula, Edward, Donna, Suzanne, Jane, David

Suzanne Brewer, an artist in the workshop, completed this watercolor (below):
Stonington Rocks by Suzanne Brewer, Watercolor