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Below you'll find my course offerings and spring/summer workshops along with registration statuses. There are still some openings in my summer workshops and Springtime in Savannah as well as my classes at Arlington Center for the Arts and my early spring classes at Fruitlands Museum. I hope to see you in one of my classes or workshops!

To Register or download flyers for the Stonington Workshops, please click on the link below:



 3/2-9 2013 :Registrations and deposits are due at Concord Art Association by January 8th 2013

Color and Light Watercolor Workshop Intermediate/Advanced (only 1 spot left) 6/16-21, 2013

Watercolor Workshop All levels, (limited space available) 

July 7 (4pm) -11 (4pm), 2013
please email me via my website for info:


Intermediate Watercolor Foundations Monday AM (Full)
 January 14- April 8, 2013 (10 sessions),  9:30-12:30
No class on 1/21 (Martin Luther King day),2/18 (President's Day), 3/4 (my Savannah trip), 

Intermediate/Advanced Watercolor (FULL)
January 14- April 8, 2013 (10 sessions),  1:30-4:30
No class on 1/21 (Martin Luther King day),2/18 (President's Day), 3/4 (my Savannah trip), 
To register, Please email me for a registration form 


Intermediate Watercolor: Monday Eve, 7pm-9:30pm, 1/14/2013 -3/18/2013

Watercolor Foundations Wednesday Eve, 7pm-9:30pm, 01/16/2013-03/13/2013


Watercolor Foundations (FULL)
7 Week Class:
 Tuesday, January 15 – February 26 10AM-1PM

Flowers in Various Settings: Interior, in Situ, and Gardens 
Friday, April 26 – June 7 (no class May 17)
to register,


Watercolor Plein Air Prep: Color Mixes of the Hudson River Painters with Marjorie Glick
Wednesdays, 9:30AM - 12:30PM
April 3 - April 24 (four weeks) Members $130, Nonmembers $150
Registration required. E-mail education@fruitlands.org  

  Watercolor Landscapes with Marjorie Glick

Wednesdays, 9:30AM - 12:30PM
May 1 - June 5 (six weeks) Members $180, Nonmembers $210
September 18 - October 23 (six weeks) Members $180, Nonmembers $210 
Celebrate the Fruitlands landscape and colors of the seasons as you learn to paint the specifics of the emerging landscapes with freshness and spontaneity.
Registration required. E-mail education@fruitlands.org 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Newest Watercolor:

Forest Jewels,  25"x27",Watercolor, Marjorie Glick, 2012

This, my most recent watercolor represents the beginning of a series of
paintings that explore the intimate details that enhance ones experience of a place.  I was talking to some of my students the other day and we were looking at the question: What is your painting about? What compels you to paint a particular image? For me, before I decide to paint something, I reflect on why I want to paint it, what am I trying to convey,and what moves me about a particular image. I think this reflection gives the painting focus and clarity.

This painting for me, is about my experience of being in the forest, just being there, and taking in what is close at hand. It is also about conveying the experience of being in a place where time falls away and there is room to daydream, and let your mind drift to nothing at all but colors, textures and pieces of shadow.When I was a child, I spent a lot of time in the woods at my "secret" place which was really just a patch of exceptionally soft  green moss near an old abandoned foundation. I remember looking closely at that moss and noticing its intimate details, lush color, fallen leaves, twigs, and texture.
Even today, when I think about what moss looks like, I refer to my experience of these woods from childhood.These days, the woods I visit most frequently, are in Deer Isle, Maine.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Glorious Day of Painting at the June Color and Light Watercolor Workshop in Stonington:

Color and Light, was a workshop geared towards intermediate/advanced students that I just finished teaching in Stonington Maine. We had a fantastic week painting- I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more talented group of artists for this workshop. We painted a lot, enjoyed one another's company, immersed ourselves in the beautiful (and colorful!) surroundings and the weather was gorgeous!
One of the 5 days, we painted at Mariners Park. It was one of 5 glorious days:

 The field at Mariners Park was filed with lupines, daisies, indian paint brush, and buttercups. There is a spaciousness to the meadow, combined with the undulating hills, water view and beach, butterflies and birds that all combined to make this an incredibly peaceful spot.

There were many views like this one, all throughout. The sky was constantly changing from sun to cloud, blue to white to lavender and colorful painters dotted the hillside! Below is Jane, Paula, and Donna.

Frederica hard at work!

David, Ellen, Dianne, and Edward
found the perfect spot: This ridge by the water covered in lupines and daisies.

This is what they were painting!

Paula in Lupine Heaven!

 Completed (and incomplete) paintings from our fabulous day at Mariner's Park! Workshop artists assembling for an end of day critique.
People pictured left to right: Bridget, Jackie, Ellen, Paula, Edward, Donna, Suzanne, Jane, David

Suzanne Brewer, an artist in the workshop, completed this watercolor (below):
Stonington Rocks by Suzanne Brewer, Watercolor 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012



June Color and Light is full
August 5-10 in Stonington, Maine has a few spots still available
July 8-12 in Orrs Island, Maine has a few spots still available


To register, download flyers and forms at:



Portland, Oregon
July 23- 27, 2012

Marjorie Glick: “Color and Light” Plein Air Watercolor

Marjorie Glick at Oregon Society of Artists July 23 - 27 (Mon - Fri)
Members: Register by June 15, $425; after June 15 $450
Nonmembers: $480 

Join Boston based artist Marjorie Glick at the Oregon Society of Artists. Bring your work to the next level as you explore watercolor's elusive qualities of transparency and spontaneity in the studio and in nearby Washington Park and Rose Garden. Learn to see and mix luminous color and compose dynamic compositions.
Daily demonstrations will show:
-How to organize a composition by light and shadow, a feature in the landscape, or color shapes. - Working wet, to access watercolor's more expressive qualities, and balancing spontaneity and control that is so essential to watercolor.
- How to create a sense of atmosphere and space, by seeing the landscape in terms of warm and cool color areas. 
- Color mixing to achieve luminosity, learning to see and observe the subtle nuances within each color area. You can't mix it if you can't see it! 

Individual mentoring and group critiques, with emphasis on helping students find their own strengths and style. Space is limited to 15 artists. Geared for intermediate to advanced level students, with some walking over uneven terrain in outdoor sessions. See Marjorie's website at http://www.marjorieglick.com/ 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Its all in the details

Recently, I took my deCordova watercolor class to the Museum of Fine Arts study room to view some original 20th century watercolors from their collection. We saw the work of John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, JMW Turner, and Edward Hopper. We got to view the work up close, not even under glass. I thought I knew these paintings well  by studying them in books and online. Seeing them in person was an ah ha experience! When I look at these same paintings  on line and in books, I sometimes forget that they are only reproductions, not the real thing.. There is no substitute for the real thing.  Seeing the original works, you experience the texture of the paint, the seamless ordering of layers, the energetic brushwork,  the depth of image, true colors, and the soul of the artist. I don't see these things when I look at paintings online. I guess this is true of most things too: Seeing a picture of a lake is very different from swimming in it.

Recently I was applying for some grants and I repeatedly found the phrase:
"Please submit 10-20 jpg images completed in the past 3 years". Since each highly detailed watercolor that I make takes between 5-10 months to complete, I never have the requisite 10 images. Also, how can an 8"x10" image convey the energy of the painting? I'm surprised it never occurred to me to submit additional detail images. When I printed out details of my most recent large scale watercolor, "Forest, Full Spectrum", I could see that they revealed so much more about the what the painting is about and how it is painted  and that it was actually painted. I'll use this recent watercolor, to illustrate what I mean. To really see the full effect, please click on the images to enlarge them. AND, when I have my upcoming exhibition schedule set, I'll post it here, so you too, can see the real thing!

"Forest, Full Spectrum,"2011, Watercolor , 60"x40", Marjorie Glick

Detail, (8"x10") from the 40"x60"watercolor, "Forest, Full Spectrum"

Detail, bottom 1/4th of watercolor, "Forest, Full Spectrum" 

Detail, "Forest, Full Spectrum", detail of 8"x10" area of 60"x40" watercolor

Friday, February 10, 2012